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Used Music Equipment that Seriously Rocks

Setting up your own profession-level recording studio is the dream of many musicians. Unfortunately, the cost of doing so is prohibitive to many would-be recording geniuses. This is where we come in.

Being a bonafide “soundaphile” myself, I look for the absolute best in used music equipment, never compromising quality for cost. And it’s all I ever hope to offer our valued customers. With an ear for unparalleled excellence in sound, and years of experience listening to those that fall short on the awesome scale, I am particularly fussy when it comes to the used music gear that we choose to carry at Nashville Gear.

Look, without great recording equipment, you simply can’t capture a great recording - regardless of how epic your jam session was. Make sure to capture all those hypnotic nuances, those crazy riffs and that insane drum solo by laying it down with some of the most sought-after music gear the industry has to offer.

Sell us Your Used Music Equipment

With so many would-be studio geniuses waiting for the opportunity to show their musical chops, why would you ever let that valuable piece of music gear sit, gathering dust in your basement or garage. Let us find the perfect next owner of your used gear. Sell it to us for a fair price by contacting me online. We look forward to helping.


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