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Ask any musician and they'll tell you: there is just something incredibly special about playing live. Having anaudience engaged, face-to-face, with your band is an experience that is hard to top. Filling a venue with your unique, hard-pounding sound, pushing its character into every nook and cranny makes live concerts a memorable experience for the musician and the listener both.

But before incredible music can be shared, incredible equipment has to be secured. Moving beyond the needs of the passive musician, the gear of a live musician needs to be dependable, high-quality and possess mechanical and technical abilities that surpass your every expectation.

At Nashville Gear, we offer musicians an exclusive collection of used music gear that promises long-lasting reliability and unmatched sound innovation. Add that much-needed equipment, such as handheld microphones, personal mixers and PA speakers without spending the entire gig’s pay. Buying from a reputable used music equipment dealer, such as yours truly, can help you get the gear you need to set up live gigs while saving some of that precious cash.

Sell Us Your Used Live Sound Equipment

Help out the local music scene (somewhere) by offering up your used music equipment. We’ll offer you a fair price and give musicians a great source of high-quality live sound gear that rocks - and that helps them rock too. Contact us now to find out more about our used equipment buyback programs.


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