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shipping-returns-how-we-pack1.jpgI like to consider myself a bit of an artist when it comes to packing. It’s almost become a game to me to keep every package I send out safe during transit. I’ve been packaging music gear for over a decade, and I know nothing ruins my day and a buyer’s day more than a package arriving damaged. I’ve developed several techniques to insure safe arrival and have detailed them a bit here.

Every guitar starts with me loosening the strings, making sure it is not sliding around inside it’s case, and then bubble wrapping the entire outside of the case. I add extra bubble wrap on the bottom and pack it tightly inside a new guitar box.

The first step to properly packaging a tube amp is to remove the power tubes, label them where they go back, and wrap them in bubble wrap inside the amp chassis. I then wrap any other parts (footswitch, cables, etc) and stuff the back of the amp with extra packing material so nothing can rattle around inside. I then use a combination of LOTS of bubble wrap and Styrofoam corners inside a custom fit box.

Synthesizers and keyboards receive an extra dose of packing material as they are quite fragile during shipping. They will arrive with 2-3 inches of bubble wrap all the way around and often Styrofoam corners in a custom sized box.

Shell packs are generally nested inside themselves. I start by removing the hoops on the bass drum and slide them over the shell so they can’t crack. I package the largest tom inside the bass drum and the smallest tom inside the largest one. Extra toms generally get packed in a separate box so there’s not too much pressure on a kit. Lots of bubble wrap all the way around ensures a safe trip.

Large speaker cabinets-
Depending on the size of the cabinets, they receive Styrofoam corners/sheets all the way around and custom boxes.

There’s lots of items I haven’t mentioned here…cymbals, snares, mixers, microphones, etc. Please rest assured that I take special care with every item I send, and if you have any questions regarding how your particular item will be packaged, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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