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The vintage, authentic, and incredible bass guitars at Nashville Gear Factory have everyone in awe. Right now, the collection is thin, but these pieces are ready to find their way to your home. What once came into my possession because of an intricate love for how things work and the musical world should now be transferred to your talented hands or your own passion-driven collection. Vintage bass guitars are just one portion of our collection of used musical instruments for sale that we can’t wait to share with you.

When you buy a used bass guitar that I have for sale at Nashville Gear Factory, you can trust that I’ll handle your instrument with the utmost care. No piece leaves my home without a careful inspection, thorough and thoughtful packaging, and a pleasant goodbye. These used bass guitars may be second hand, but they are in no way shabby or irrelevant. I strive to find the best and most authentic instruments for my fellow collectors and am always a little sad to see these instruments go. However, it’s easier to manage knowing that you will create impeccable sounds on these vintage pieces.

Playing the bass on one of these collectibles means playing with every musician who played it once before. You can add your own story to one of these authentic and excellent bass guitars.

If you have a unique, authentic, or vintage bass guitar that you’d like to sell to a dedicated collector, I’m your man. You can trust that it will be in good hands as soon as it leaves yours.

Enjoy our small yet excellent collection of used bass guitars for sale at Nashville Gear Factory, and don’t forget to check out our other musical instrument collections, too.

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